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Tips for Getting more Links

1. Very Good Content.

If your content stands out as being particularly useful, then over time this will attract webmasters to link spontaneously. Ask yourself, “Is this content I would want to link to?”

2. High Traffic.

If your site is getting 1000s of visitors, you automatically increase the chance of gaining natural, organic links. Most really successful sites have a combination of high traffic and good content.

  • The problem is to get high traffic, you need links, without links you can’t get high traffic. Therefore other strategies are also needed to get links.

3. Blog / Web Directories.

A good place to start off for one way inbound links. Some directories are selective, so make sure your blog is worth linking to. If a blog isn’t selective, I doubt the link will have much weight.

  • Dmoz is less important, but it worth trying to get listed (don’t get mad if it takes 3 years though)

4. Ezines / Article Directories

These are websites that, if you submit an article, allow you to have a link to your website,. The ezine gets your free content and you get a link. On some ezines, you can also specify the anchor text in the link.

  • This is a good strategy, especially in the beginning.
  • However, be wary of giving too much of your unique content to ezines. For example, it might be appropriate to give no more than 25% of your articles to ezines for links.
  • Save the best articles for your own site.
  • It may be worth writing articles specifically for ezines so there is no duplication of content.
  • Some ezines are better than others; some like ezinearticles actually give reasonable traffic – an added bonus.
  • Also consider blogcritics.

5. Write to Other Webmasters.

If you come across a site that links to sites on your topic, it is worth writing to the webmaster to suggest your site.

  • It is best not to directly ask for a link. Instead you could suggest the site as a resource, if you can show you have a genuine interest in the topic, and are not just a spammer, it will help a lot.
  • For example, “You may be interested in this website / page”

6. Social Bookmarking sites – Digg / Reddit / Stumbleupon.

These sites have the potential to give 1000s of traffic, and from this traffic you will naturally get links. To do well on these sites you have to:

  • Pitch your content to the audience. – some topics just don’t work on digg.
  • Invest in becoming a real member of the community – most of the top diggers, won’t just promote their own sites.
  • Be selective in what you submit. Only submit your best; this is often known as link bait.
  • Stumbleupon offers a chance for less popular topics. In many ways this is my favourite.

7. Wikipedia.

A PR 9 site that is free to edit. It is hardly surprising webmasters have used wikipedia to get links. If you do use wikipedia for getting links bear in mind:

  • The link must be useful and relevant, otherwise it will be removed in time.
  • Don’t overdo it. If you add many links at once your site can be marked as spam.
  • Don’t choose the most popular pages, which will have many people editing.
  • Consider a link through being a reference to the article, rather than just “external link”

Overview: Only use for genuinely useful links and don’t be greedy. However, 1 or 2 links from wikipedia are worth getting.

8. Build New Websites.

This may seem extreme, but if you really want to get links you can build other sites, related to your original one. However it is worth bearing in mind.

  • These sites need to be genuine, with unique content.
  • Shell sites, just for the purpose of getting links will be marked as spam sites.
  • Will be more beneficial if the site is on a different server. It looks as if it isn’t related.
  • Bear in mind that it is time consuming to start a new site. To be honest I wouldn’t start a new site just for the purpose of linking to your site. However, if you want to start a new site, a useful side effect will be the potential of linking.

9. Link to Others.

Linking to others gets your site noticed, webmasters are more likely to link to you, if you link to them. Just don’t expect a recipricol link automatically.

10. Forums.

Joining a forum related to your site, enables you to get links to your site. However as usual it is best if you can become a genuine member and actually contribute to the forum.


leaving comments in blogs is creating a link. however, most blog comments have the “nofollow” tag. Therefore these links will be not followed by search engines. However, comments can still be a way to promote your blog. (if they are useful comments) If you use comments as a way to build web friendships, it may end in links overtime. Also some blogs don’t use the nofollow tag.

12. Reciprocol links.

Although they have gone out of fashion, the internet is really based on recipricol links. If the links are relevant and useful to your readers, reciprocal linking can be beneficial and worthwhile. however, don’t bother with huge long “link pages” that used to clutter up the internet.

13. Blog Partipation

Participate in blog participation programmes like Thursday Thirteen and Wordless Wednesday
14. Yahoo Answers

Answer a question at Yahoo Answers, and provide link to your site.

15. Squidoo

Build a page at Squidoo.

16. Look at Links to Other Sites.

Find out where your competitors get links from: If the sites give links to your competitor / related site, there is a good chance they will link to you. Check Backlinks

17. Blog Carnivals

See: Blog Carnivals

Other important link Tips.

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, try to get a variety of link sources.
  • Also vary your anchor text.
  • Don’t just get links to homepage, deep link as well.
  • Overall, try to make Links appear natural.


If you know of any other good link building tips, feel free to leave a comment.


#1 John on 05.01.07 at 12:20 am

Thursday Thirteen and…? I dying to know more :)

Very good SEO resource Richard.

#2 Richard on 05.01.07 at 10:27 pm

yes, thanks – added Wordless wednesday.

#3 Red.eVolution on 02.08.08 at 11:47 pm

I rarely find posts such this one, with a really useful guide of tips on “how to get more links”.
Nicely done.


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