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Does Page Rank Matter? | Net Writing

Does Page Rank Matter?

When I first started working on websites, like many people, I was fascinated with Google’s Page Rank. PR seemed to be the holy grail, if only you could get a link from a PR 8 site, all your problems would be solved.

The first website I worked on was At the time I started work on the site it had low traffic and a PR of 5. I was determined to move the PR to PR6. I worked very hard in creating links and content. In particular, I was always looking to get a link from PR 6 and PR 7 sites. Two things happened as a consequence.

  1. No matter how hard I tried the PR stayed exactly the same.
  2. Creating content and getting links helped increase traffic.

After 2 years I felt PR was of little importance, and now no longer even bother to have it installed on my google bar.

  • PR and Recipricol Linking PR is often tied up with reciprocal linking. However, the benefit of reciprocal linking is uncertain. Reciprocal links can be very beneficial if they are from related sites. If they are from unrelated sites and / or on a long links page they will not be helpful, even if it is from a high PR site.
  • Don’t Bother to buy PR. Some high PR sites started to sell links. However, Google is to clever to be fooled by links from sites, which are nothing other than expensive link farms. At best you waste your money. Rather than the PR of a site, consider these factors:
    • Does it get good traffic?
    • Is it an authority in its area?
    • Does it rank well in the search engines for related keywords?
    • Is the site focused on creating good content, or does it waste its time in SEO tricks like reciprocal linking?
  • Promote Articles rather than promote site. Rather than worrying about the PR of your site. Consider the importance of promoting your articles and blogs. If people like your articles and blog posts, they will link naturally, without all the bother of recipricol linking.
  • Don’t worry if sites have low PR. Sites with low PR will grow. All sites will start with PR 0
  • What determines Usefulness of Links. The benefit of links depends upon factors other than PR
    • Are they natural.?
    • Does the anchor text include the keywords of your site?
    • Is the site related?

This is not to say PR is completely irrelevant. Generally good sites accumulate a good PR. However, I once heard Google say PR, is for “Entertainment value only” – I think this is quite close to the truth. Don’t worry about PR, concentrate on creating good content and developing your blog in a natural way.

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