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Inspiration For Writing: Top 10 Tips

One of the constant challenges for bloggers is to find new ideas for blog posts. We also need to maintain a motivation and inspiration to write. If you are focusing on a competitive niche, it can also be difficult to think of something different and unique.

These are some suggestions to maintain our inspiration to write.

1. Start off with simple articles.

Writing seems onerous when we expect to produce a masterpiece, or the “best blog post ever”. If you start off with short simple articles, over time you will gain confidence to write longer and more involved articles. We only need a little inspiration to write a short simple article. But, once we actually start to write, we may gain increased confidence and increased inspiration.

2. Find a Suitable Location for Writing

Writing at your computer can be difficult because there are so many distractions, especially if you have internet connection. I often find that my most productive writing sessions occur in a coffee shop, or even at an airport. Whether this is the coffee, of the different location I’m not sure. But it is good to find a quite place where you associate with writing, and where you will not be distracted. Also, always have a notepad ready to write things down should good ideas come

3. Read Good Writers.

Reading good writers will give us ideas and inspiration. Most of my blog posts do not arrive out of thin air. They are usually in response to some other article or post. When we appreciate the good writing of others we can learn from their style and manner; it will help to improve our own writing.

4. Avoid Self Criticism.

Often the sharpest critic of our writing is ourself. However, when we criticise or belittle our own writing we will definitely lose inspiration. If we can have a detached attitude to our writing we will avoid losing motivation and feeling bad Similarly it is always best to ignore criticism of others. It is also worth bearing in mind some of the best authors have had their fair share of criticism.

‘My dear sir,

I have read your manuscript. Oh, my dear sir.’

Review on Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde [1]

Top tip: Pay no heed to criticism.

5. Write something to be Proud of

The articles I enjoy writing most are those where I have an interest in the subject, or where I feel I have something to offer. If your writing is only based on “SEO friendly keywords” it will be hard to maintain inspiration.

6. Find like minded Bloggers to Share inspiration.

If you want to gain inspiration for writing and blogging it is definitely worth commenting and visiting other blogs. If you give nothing out in terms of links and comments, little will be reciprocated. When you start getting repeat visitors to your blog it is a real incentive to try and give something new each day. If you feel nobody is reading your blog, it is more difficult. However, don’t forget that your blog will have many silent visitors; some people will appreciate your writings but never leave a comment.

7. Remember your Motivation for Writing

For many bloggers the motivation to write may be partly financial. There is no harm in reminding ourselves of the long term financial potential of good writing, but for our long term inspiration, we should have a motivation other than just financial.
8. Look at Your Niche from a different perspective.

This could be trying to combine a topic with a celebrity or recent news event. Using popular keywords can be a good way to get traffic as well.
There is much of scope for looking at your niche from different perspectives. See this post by Darren Rowse on Creative Thinking.

9. Clear your Mind.

To write we need to have a clear mind so we can focus on just writing. If we have many pressing problems then it becomes difficult to enter into the mode of writing clearly. If thoughts constantly bother us, try meditation or relaxation techniques. Alternatively we could try a change of scene to get away from our everyday issues.

9. Practise.

The more you write, the more fluent and confident you will become. With this you will find renewed inspiration to write. Inspiration often comes from regularity. Often the difficulty is getting started. Once we get going we gain inspiration from our own efforts.

10. Browse your local Bookshop.

If you are looking for some new ideas for blogs, try looking through printed material, it will offer different material to what is online; it gives a chance to write something unique.

[1] Rejection of Famous Writers – don’t lose inspiration from criticism. These writers didn’t

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