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What is Your Motivation for Blogging? | Net Writing

What is Your Motivation for Blogging?

Why do you Blog?

1. Earning Money?
2. Writing Articles on Topics that interest you?
3. Receiving feedback and comments?
4. Increase Traffic?
5. Increase Technorati ranking?
6. Building an online community of like minded people?
7. Blogging Awards?
8. Entertainment?

What are good Reasons to Blog?

1. Earning Money

If you only motivation for blogging is a big pay check from Mr Google, be prepared for disappointment. Yes, some people can make 6 figures a year through blogging. But, for every full time blogger, there are 500,000 part time bloggers getting the odd dollar a day from google adsense. At the very least, you will have to be patient. But, if you are patient and can create an engaging blog on a suitable theme, it is possible to make a decent monetary income from blogging. However, to do this you will need other motivations as well.

2. Writing articles that interest you.

This is one of the best motivations for blogging. If you are motivated to write articles because you enjoy doing it, or feel you are sharing something worthwhile you will not be dependent on outer praise / monetary reward. The best blogs are those where the blogger clearly is sharing a genuine interest and passion; he is not just in it for the money, this is apparently the biggest reason for blogging [1]. In the long term, this will actually increase the potential for monetising a blog, should you wish to do so. Money isn’t only motivation.

3. Receiving Feedback.

It’s good to get feedback; it makes blogging a social experience. Readers can often share good tips, (and spot the odd mistake). With no feedback it can feel likely a solo adventure, where you are more likely to give up. However, you shouldn’t rely on comments, some of my more successful sites get little if any feedback

4. Increasing Traffic:

Increasing traffic has various advantages. For a start, we are more motivated to write if we are know people are actually reading our blog. However, blogging is not just about traffic, some traffic (like from stumbleupon) stays for a very short time. It may be more important to focus on certain keywords and get good rankings for these. For example, to monetise a blog, traffic is important, but you have to get it for the right keywords.

5. Increase Technorati Rankings.

Just remember Google use a much more sophisticated algorithm than technorati ranking. For example, swapping technorati favourites may look good, but I doubt whether this will impress google. The amount of traffic sent by technorati is very limited compared to Google.

6. Building Online Community

This a great way to develop a blog. It is likely to be people interested in the same niche. It also makes you less dependent upon search engines for traffic.

7. Blog Awards.

Why do Blog awards always seem a little tacky? I’m always a little suspicious (probably wrongly) of blogs which proudly display countless Blog Awards.

8. Entertainment

My personal blog is mainly for my interests, humour e.t.c.

I would be interested in hearing other people’s motivation for blogging


#1 Camille Crawford on 05.24.07 at 1:29 pm

#6 just about covers it all for me at the moment. I started blogging about (tomorrow will be exactly) 3 months ago. My reasons have changed since then. At first I wanted to see what I could do with a blog. I considered using it as a source of income and tried to find a niche. I eventually discovered that finding a like-minded community was the most meaningful reason for me to blog. I am currently enjoying the success of my goal.

#2 Richard on 05.24.07 at 5:25 pm

Hi Camile,

Thanks for dropping by. I think building a like minded community is one of best options for long term success.