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How To Be a Prolific Blogger: 20 Tips

One of the real secrets to becoming a successful blogger is, rather unromantically, – hard work. The more posts you have, the bigger the chance of gaining more links, more traffic, more earnings e.t.c.

We often assume A List bloggers, get lucky, or have some elusive quality. It may be true in some cases, but for example, Darren Rowse, suggests he posts upto 20 – 25 posts per day. At the end of the year, that is 8,000 + blog entries. If you can post with this kind of quantity, you can go along way to becoming a successful blogger.

Here are some suggestions for becoming a Prolific Blogger.

1. Have more than 1 blog.

If you have only one blog it is difficult to produce 20 blog posts a day. (there is a limit to what you can write on any subject). Having different blogs, enables you to write on a variety of interests. There is a saying “A change is a good as a rest.” After writing on SEO, I can write on a completely different topic for my other blogs.

2. Don’t Waste time

The internet is ideal for wasting time. The success of forums and sites like DIGG, reddit is because we love to waste time, finding the latest news and links. However, if you want to be prolific you have to be disciplined about writing and producing comments. See: 13 tips for increasing productivity on the internet
3. Set Targets.

In the back of my mind I have a target to add an average of 10 pages / blog entries per day. Some of these will be long posts, some shorter posts. However, this target makes me focus on content and keep producing new posts. See: Make a contract with yourself

4. Keep Up to date with latest Developments in your Niche.

If you are writing on the latest developments it feels like the blog is more dynamic. Writing from a fresh angle gives new ideas and inspiration.

5. Gain writing inspiration away from Internet and RSS.

RSS feeds can help inspire some posts, but, you shouldn’t just rely on this. Try to find a niche where you can write from your own knowledge and not rely on gaining second hand information. If you know the subject already you should be able to write quickly.

6. Don’t Choose the most difficult topics to Write On.

If a subject requires a lot of research, consider whether this is necessary. Consider topics which are effortless to write on.

7. Don’t Demand Perfection.

When writing in quantity, we do not wish to sacrifice quality. However, if you demand perfection from all posts, you may never get anything finished. We may find that as we write more, we become more fluent and can learn to combine quantity and quality.

8. Don’t overestimate importance of Networking

True, you need to work on promoting your own posts, however, be careful it does not take up too much time. I try to aim for a situation where it becomes less necessary to promote your blog, leaving yourself free for writing.

9. Write Series of Postings.

At the moment I am focusing on writing about “How to increase productivity”. There are many different angles to approach this topic from. Therefore, don’t try to write everything in one post. You can easily get several different articles, related to the theme. This makes it easier to produce quantity. Series of posts can also generate interest in your blog.

10. Set aside time for writing.

I like to spend 2 hours a day, where I just write. Usually at this time I switch off internet. It means I can get into the flow of writing. Later I will get into the mode of uploading content, adding links e.t.c. This means you can concentrate on one task at a time and not get distracted.

11. Consider Innovative Approaches to your Niche.

A difficulty of writing 10-20 posts a day is to be able to come up with new ideas / titles. However, if you can learn to take an innovative approach, you can revitalise your topic. For example, the internet is flooded with articles like “top 10 seo tips”. Why not try an article like “What Zen buddism taught me about dealing with Google”

12. Learn the Art of Writing.

If we wish to be a prolific blogger and spend 2 hours a day writing. It is worth learning basics about writing. Above all, I would advise the benefits of writing with simplicity. Personally, I enjoyed learning when a comma is used. In the long term it makes it quicker to write, because you know what you are doing. (well you know a little more than before)

13. See blogging as an Investment.

If you are writing articles, you may not have an immediate return. However, the benefits of posts can last forever.

14. Get a Flexible / part time job.

If you are working 45 hours a week, you will not have enough time to blog prolifically. However, if you can find a job that enables a bit of flexibility you will be able to reduce your hours working and spend more time working for yourself.

15. Enjoy Blogging.

If you have a passion for writing on your niche, you will be motivated to do it. Therefore, be careful you choose the right topic for blogging. Don’t be influenced by high paying keywords, unless you actually enjoy writing about them.

16. Do encourage Readers to leave feedback.

Feedback will encourage you to keep writing. When your blog gets a loyal readership there is an increased incentive (almost responsibility) to keep blogging. Therefore, write for the benefit of your readers, and not just yourself.

17. Reduce time on design and minor Tweaks.

If we are not careful we can easily spend several hours on minor CSS changes and researching the latest plugins. In the beginning it is best to make a few simple changes to a standard template (to give a bit of differentiation) but then feel that minor changes can always wait. If you spend all your time tinkering with minor issues, you will not be able to blog.

18. Ask Questions to your readership.

If your struggling for ideas, ask your readers for questions.

19. Short Posts

Short posts can be as beneficial as long posts. See: Ideas on how to create short posts.

20. Never Give Up
Don’t get disheartened by lack of Traffic and immediate returns

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