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The Importance of Your First Sentence | Net Writing

The Importance of Your First Sentence

“If you start with a bang, you won’t end with a whimper.”

T. S. Eliot

Never underestimate the importance of your first sentence and first paragraph. It is essential your first sentence provides clarity and purpose. Try to make a bold, clear statement that captures the imagination of the reader. The first sentence and paragraph will set the tone for the whole article; it can also determine whether the reader actually continues with the rest of the blog post.

What to Include In First Sentence and Paragraph:

  • Make a clear introduction to the article
  • Use short sentences, to give added clarity
  • Consider using a quote by a famous writer / authority

Things to Avoid in first Paragraph

  • Use unnecessary phrases such as:
    • “In this article, I will look at whether an interesting topic to consider….”
    • “seeing as how”
    • “I haven’t had much inspiration to write recently… (this is real killer for me)”
  • Sit on the fence.
    • “It might be the case that getting links to your blog could help your SEO in the long term”.
  • Make an obvious typo
    • “There time has come to go over their”

(it should be THEIR time has come to go over THERE)

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[...] Often people are lazy, when submitting they don’t want to write their own description of the article, but, will look to use the first paragraph of the article. Therefore, make sure that the first paragraph is an enticing description of why you should read the rest of the article. If, in the first paragraph, you get distracted into writing irrelevant content, you will lose many readers straight away. See: Importance of first sentence [...]