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7 Easy Ways to Create Eye catching Titles | Net Writing

7 Easy Ways to Create Eye catching Titles

In this post I looked at reasons why a good title is essential. These are some suggestions for turning a bland title into one that captures the imagination of the reader.

For example, suppose you write an article about “Getting links to your blog” On its own this is particularly boring, especially because this topic has been done many times. These ideas can make it more attractive. Which do you think is most interesting? which would you want to read?
1. How To:

“How to create more inbound links to your blog”

  • We read articles if they are informative, how to, suggests we will be told something useful.

2. Secrets:

“Secrets of Gaining inbound links”

This suggests there are actually some new ideas for getting links that haven’t been covered on the other 10,000 + SEO blogs.

    3. Myths:

      “Myths about getting inbound links to your blog”

      • People love the debunking of conventional wisdom

    4. Question:

      “What is the most effective way of Getting inbound links?”

      • Encourages reader participation

    5. Top 10:

      “Top 10 Strategies for getting more inbound links”

      • The popularity of lists on the internet, never ceases to amaze me .

    6. How I did it:

      “How I got 100 links in my first month of Blogging”

      • A personal story and personal experience is a good opportunity to make the article unique. People respond very well to a unique, personal perspective.

    7. Celebrity:


    #1 Adventures in Copywriting on 06.04.07 at 1:32 pm

    How to write eye catching headlines…

    Tejvan over at Net Writing has some really good tips for writing attention grabbing headlines. Although he mainly writes for bloggers, these tips are great for any type of writing. Check it out….

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    #3 Sebastien Gomez on 08.11.07 at 10:34 pm

    thanks for the great articles you post.. i just subscribed and will be watching your stuff closely. It helps me out to read all kinds of proe bloggers out there pave the way for the rest of us. :)
    I’ll be vamping up my titles as well now , thanks again


    #4 Sandra on 08.13.07 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks for those great headline tips. I’ll definitely keep them in mind when I’m racking my brains for a good title!

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    #12 Arjun on 08.12.08 at 3:57 pm

    I want examples of Titles and Subtitles.

    #13 Charley on 01.27.10 at 10:29 am

    I’m in year 7, and I need examples. I need it for school work, I can’t find any anywhere! ..:S