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Why A Good Title is Essential | Net Writing

Why A Good Title is Essential

1. The title determines whether the post will be read.

I use Mozilla bookmarks for my RSS feeds. I look through all the titles and choose to read the ones with good titles. Boring or ambiguous titles can mean your visitors only take a momentary glance at your blog and then move on.

2. Titles determine Success in Search Engines.

Choosing keyword rich titles is an essential factor for determining traffic from search engines. If you choose a very short title like “Links” or “SEO advice” don’t expect any traffic from Google. You need to choose titles with less competition, but with keywords people still search.

3. A good title sets up the rest of the post.

Don’t choose an ambiguous title. If the title is clear it can give your writing focus. As a general rule, don’t try to cover too many things in the same post. It is better to split it up.

4. Titles can reflect the personality of the Blogger.

Quite often, if I see a blog title I can have a reasonable idea who might have written it. Make sure the titles are reflecting the intended objective of the blog.

5. More Clicks from Google.

People think that all you need to do is get high up on the SERPs. However, just because you are number 1, 2 or 3 doesn’t necessarily mean people will click. You need to have an engaging title to make people click from Google. Sometimes, I look at a page of search engine results and decide from the title, not Google’s ranking.

6. More Links

People like linking to good titles.

7. Titles are Essential for Social Bookmaking Sites.

If you read Reddit and Digg, you will see that the titles share certain characteristics (you may not want to always have titles like this – they may put off readers) However, it is worth pointing out that quite often people vote for a page without reading it. They look at the title and the title alone can make them give it thumbs up or thumbs down. (Reddit see this as a problem, they would prefer people to read a post, before voting)