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Quantity vs Quality: which is more Important? | Net Writing

Quantity vs Quality: which is more Important?

Which is more important. Writing 10 articles, or writing 1 that is actually worth reading?

In one respect, the Internet encourages quantity. The more you write the more chance you have of getting internet search engine traffic. The bigger your archives, the bigger the potential for traffic and adsense earnings. Furthermore, search engines can’t easily distinguish between average content and great content.

However, on the other hand, search engines can determine the number of links. If you write only quantity, it is difficult to attract in bound links. People will only link to good quality content that stands out from the rest. One, excellent article, which gets to the homepage of Digg, can be worth any number of inferior articles.

Advantages of Quantity

1. More pages give you a greater chance to get traffic from search engines.

2. Visitors from search engines are more likely to click on your ads. This is because a search engine visitor might not find what they are looking for, (which is especially true, if your article is poor quality)

3. More articles give a chance to increase your readership.

4. Through writing more articles you have the opportunity to exploit the long tail of your target keywords.

Advantages of Quality

1. The internet has quantity in abundance, but what people are looking for is useful content, which offers something new and unique.

2. People link to good articles. Links are essential for improving search engine rankings. If you write interesting, informative articles you increase the chance of getting inbound links. This is what determines the long term success of your blog.

3. It is a mistake to just rely on Search engines for traffic. Search engines are fickle. There is no guarantee that your rankings will remain. If you develop an organic readership, you are insulated from changes in search engine algorithms. An interesting note is that only 1% of traffic to Steve Pavlina’s blog is through search engines. The rest is direct links and external links.

4. It is more satisfying to write good quality articles. You feel you are sharing something useful, rather than just trying to trick search engines.

Is Quality compatible with Quantity?

There is no reason why quality cannot be compatible with quantity. Not every post has to be a blockbuster article; you can combine lengthy posts with shorter, quicker posts. Also the more you write, the better your articles may become. Writing has its own momentum; when you become a prolific writer, it can become easier to marshal and clarify your thoughts.

I would suggest that the most important thing is to work on some really good articles that stand out and help to create interest in your blog. Once you have written these articles, you can then consider on producing a higher quantity of articles, whilst maintaining a good standard. Never let your writing standards slip just for the sake of high quantity.

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#1 Dexter on 07.03.07 at 5:47 am

A true blogger will go for Quality and a blogger who aims to earn a living online will go to quantity