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Overcoming Google 950 Penalty | Net Writing

Overcoming Google 950 Penalty

A few days ago I wrote about a site which appeared to receive a google 950 penalty

What did I do to get the penalty removed?

Well, to be honest – nothing.

But, to be fair, I can’t think what I did to get it in the first place. Here is a screen shot from StatCounter


What I would advise for Getting Rid Or Avoiding Google Penalties

  • The addition of fresh, unique content
  • Avoiding reciprocol link trading schemes.
  • Avoid getting too many links all at once.
  • If you do get alot of links make sure there is variety: different anchor text, different pages (not just home page)
  • Be especially careful of linking to sites like “link farms”
  • Look at ways to get new natural inbound links: Link building
  • File a reinclusion request at Google

To file a reinclusion Request at Google

  1. Go here Google feedback
  2. Admit to some spam / dodgy SEO techniques.
  3. Tell Google what you have done to remove them
  4. Promise never to do it again e.t.c
  5. See also: reinclusion request at Google – Matt Cutts

If www.biographyonline hadn’t had it’s penalty removed, I would have:

  • Found some links to remove,
  • deleted some content that was duplicated from wikipedia (only small % of site)
  • I would have added a lot of fresh content.
  • But, it would have been difficult to remove genuine spam, because there isn’t any.

Remember: Google may be evil, but Google is the boss.

Do what it takes to get back in Google.

What has this experience taught me?

  • Don’t Rely solely on Google Traffic
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have a diversity of sites (unless your site is not reliant on Google traffic e.g. John Chow wasn’t too bothered by his google penalty because he has a very large RSS readership .
  • There is also a saying “Any news is good news” – If google kill your site, at least try to get some publicity out of it.)
  • Google can do strange things (this is being polite). However, don’t panic and despair. They can’t look foolish forever (like not ranking number1 for search “John Chow”
  • Google is trying extra hard to stop splogs and SEO techniques. If a few sites get hit in the crossfire, Google see a bigger picture. I guess Google do things like this to scare webmaster’s and create uncertainty. When there is this uncertainty generated amongst webmasters, it makes us think twice about doing “SEO tricks”.



#1 Juggling Frogs on 07.13.07 at 3:58 pm

That’s great! I’m glad your time in purgatory is over!

Here’s a cartoon that made me think of you (and John Chow, too):

Have a great day!

#2 Richard on 07.13.07 at 9:05 pm

Purgatory – I like it. :)

Great cartoon.

Thanks alot Juggling frogs!

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#4 John on 09.14.07 at 3:39 am

There’s a WP plugin to hide duplicated content from Google here which may be of some use.

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