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Top 10 Reasons lists are Rubbish | Net Writing

Top 10 Reasons lists are Rubbish

Problogger is suggesting we kickstart our blog by writing some list posts. But I think writing in lists is for dummies, so here’s my top 10 reasons why lists are rubbish.

1. They are for the lazy, who can’t be bothered to write a proper article

2. Did William Shakespeare write in lists?

  1. To be
  2. Or not
  3. to be
  4. That is the question
  5. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
  6. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
  7. Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

not quite the same ring to it somehow…

3. They reduce arguments to simple statements.

4. I can only think of 4 good reasons, but this is supposed to be a top 10. so the next 6 will just be to fill in the gaps.

5. See number 4.

6. What’s wrong with writing in paragraphs?

7. They encourage mediocrity and the internet needs more quality not quantity.

8. Do we really need another “top 10 wordpress plugins.” or “top 10 benefits of writing in lists” ?

9. Er…

10. I can’t count higher than 10.

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Thanks to JP for a similar idea a while back


#1 Juggling Frogs on 07.17.07 at 12:16 pm

Very cute!

When digging through my full rss reader, I do click on the lists first, though. I can hear myself thinking, “That other looks like a long, good, meaty post. I’ll save it for later. I can quickly scan the listy one while on hold with my insurance company.”

The kicker is that I am clicking first on the easy, fluffy posts, to get them ‘out of the way’.

I’m not sure which I’d prefer for my own blog posts:

1. People choosing them first because they don’t intimidate and set up expectations of a quick, easy read


2. People saving my posts to savor later

The trick, (I think) is to have both types of post, suiting the topic with the format. That way, there’s something for everyone, and expectations are managed.

#2 Darren on 07.17.07 at 2:37 pm

hehe – nice one.

Glad this was categorized as ‘humor’ or I’d be forced to point out that 8 of your last 10 posts contain lists of one kind or another ;-)

#3 Richard on 07.17.07 at 3:16 pm

Cheers Darren,

Whenever I get writers block. I always resort to A list based post. Actually, I think lists are very good for both reader and writer, but as Juggling frogs says, it’s good to have a mix.

#4 Darren on 07.17.07 at 9:55 pm

yeah – agreed – i think not letting your blog get dominated by any one thing is generally a good way to go.

#5 John on 07.18.07 at 9:35 pm

You just gave me one more reason not to like lists. Now how long would that list be? ;-)

Nice post.

#6 Sacha Greif on 09.27.07 at 1:40 pm

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