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What I Have Learnt from My First Year Blogging | Net Writing

What I Have Learnt from My First Year Blogging

I have been building websites for the past 4 years, but it is only in the past 12 months that I have really got into blogging. I have found managing a blog to be a great way to grow and build an established website. I have also enjoyed setting up a few new blogs from scratch. In fact, one problem I have been trying to manage, is keeping several blogs up to date at the same time.

What I learnt from my 1st year of Blogging.

1. Blogging vs Websites

Adding a blog to a website is one of the best things you can do to make your website more dynamic. See: advantages of blogs. Generally blogs have several advantages over websites, but there are still some situations where ordinary web pages can have advantages over blogs. E.g. Biography online works better as a web resource, rather than a blog. If you want to quickly add lots of pages, targeting keywords on Google, you blog is not necessarily the best place.

2. Page Rank does have some importance.

When I first started blogging, I was under the impression page rank, was no longer of any relevance. Why? Because on my websites, I had seen significant increases in traffic and SERPs without any change in Page rank. However, over the past few months, I have realised page rank, is of some importance. Its primary importance is as a signal. If nothing else – get a higher page rank and you can use this to command higher prices from advertisers.

3. The Importance of Writing

Writing is the building block of a successful blog and website. With writing you should aim for quantity and quality. You can’t expect to make a successful blogger, with a few well crafted posts. It is important to continuously build your archives and pages. At the same time as writing in quantity, you have to write articles that are useful, informative and give people a reason to link to them. If you find writing very difficult, you will not find blogging easy. Writing Tips

4. Work on Building Links.

Net Writing has accumulated a number of backlinks; however, the majority are through some personal effort. Either submitting to blog carnivals or being aware of writing projects e.t.c. Don’t sit back and expect to see your technorati ranking shoot through the roof. Tips for getting more links

5. Read Good Blogs.

I read other blogs for inspiration, ideas and notice of writing competitions, e.t.c. Some of the blogs include:

6. There is life after Adsense

If you rely on only google adsense (like many new bloggers) you are limiting your earning potential. Look out for new earning opportunities. But, for new blogs I would advise concentrating your time on writing and developing your blog. The time to really monetize your blog is when it has achieved a certain level of traffic and RSS subscribers. Why I got rid of Google

7. If you want to Make Money don’t just blog about “Making money online”

There seem to be an awful lot of blogs about blogging and making money online. I don’t doubt that some have become very successful from a financial point of view. However, it is my experience that it is easier to monetize topics related to finance / products. If I had only 1 blog, Net Writing, I would perhaps be disappointed from a financial perspective. (Although on the other hand, if it was my only blog, I could dedicate more time)

8. You Don’t need to be an A list Blogger to make a good return from blogging.

Some of my blogs have a relatively low RSS readership. I haven’t specifically targetted building up an RSS readership, but, the blogs, in a quiet way, make a good return. Don’ feel reaching some mythical “A list” is a prerequisite for making a living online.

9. It is good to Have more than 1 blog.

I can appreciate why people wish to have only 1 blog and make it as good as they can. I definitely believe that to be successful, you should never blog half-heartedly. However, I enjoy having several blogs:

  1. Greater range of topics, enables greater variety of writing.
  2. I can have a break by changing blog. – A change is as good as a rest.
  3. You can use your blogging expertise to help grew new blogs, with less effort.
  4. You can find which topic and blog proves to be the most successful, over time you may wish to concentrate more on this one.
  5. Diversification makes it less risky. One site suffered a bizarre 2 week penalty from Google. Luckily it soon went, but if it was my only blog, it would have been a stressful 2 weeks.

10. Create Good Relationships.

Actually, this is something I should do more of. But, it is definitely worth cultivating friendships with other bloggers. When you help others, invariably it improves your own situation as well. There is no need to hold a competitive feeling towards other bloggers.

11. I love Stats

I love checking stats, whether it be statcounter, google earnings, technorati ranking or just number of links. Sad? probably, but I’m not alone.


#1 John on 08.17.07 at 1:35 pm

Still reading! Nice tips Tejvan.

#2 Tejvan on 08.17.07 at 6:22 pm

cheers john

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