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Simple Tip for More Traffic

When writing articles most webmaster know the value of a good title. Choose the right keywords and you can help maximise traffic from search engines. There are various tools we can use to work out the best keywords such as wordtracker, but these are often expensive. Often looking at your own statistics can give a good idea of keywords that are working.

However, it is not just the article heading that can bring in traffic. Often I look at statistics and the popular keyword searches are not titles, but subheadings within articles. Therefore, when writing articles I often try to think of several subheadings with  related Keyword searches to maximise traffic from search engines Ironically, this can often be a helpful way to think of relevant things to add to the article.

Example of Increasing Traffic through Use of Subheadings

I was writing an entry on ‘Asymmetric Information‘ for my economics site (I know its not the exactly the most exotic example, but, it will do )

The first thing I do is to use the google search in Firefox; when typing in a search google offer suggestions of  popular and related keyword searches for asymmetric information. Google suggestions included:

  • asymmetric information definition
  • asymmetric information insurance
  • asymmetric information in Financial Markets
  • asymmetric information wiki

Therefore, in addition to the title asymmetric information, I have worked these other 4 longer keyword searches into the article. Therefore, the page has increased its capacity for attracting traffic. If I just focused on asymmetric information I would expect traffic to be low. But, by adding relevant subheadings I have increased the usefulness of the page with very little effort.

  • Note: Many people search keyword terms and add wiki at the end. Here I have only added the word wiki by linking to wikipedia right at the end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a subheading, sometimes just adding a keyword in the text is enough to bring in more traffic.

Using Subheadings that Work

In your statistics you may notice that some keyword searches are very popular, even though they are not titles. If this is the case, then it may be worth generating a page specifically for this keyword search. E.g. If I get a ranking of no.7 for asymmetric information insurance when it is a subheading, then making a page with title asymmetric information insurance is likely to give a much higher google ranking.

Other Benefits of Using Subheadings

  • Adding subheadings is a good way of experimenting to see which keyword searches are good for bringing in traffic.
  • Also, I feel that adding subheadings is good practice for readability. People like to scan articles and subheadings definitely make it easier to write.
  • My initial entry for asymmetric information was quite short, but looking at related keywords gave me ideas to make it more informative

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#1 stormwhistle on 03.20.08 at 8:56 pm

Thanks for this simple great tip. I will implement this strategy for my future post . Cheers