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Getting More Traffic To Your Website / Blog

Readers Question: What strategies can we use to increase traffic for our established site. It has many inbound links and good content, but, not as much traffic as we would like.

The hard part of building a website, is creating good quality content and getting natural inbound links. With this already in place, there are quite a few things that you can do to easily increase Traffic.

Three Main Sources of Potential Traffic

  1. Google Search – Choose the right keywords and you will get much more traffic
  2. Social Media – If your content gets picked up on social media there is chance for getting tons of traffic.
  3. Building of Loyal Readership through RSS subscriber base

Keyword Analysis.

The title of pages is very important for determining how much search engine referral traffic you get. The key is to use keywords that people search for.

  • One example: I had a page if you have a page ‘Yorkshire Dales’ you will get little traffic because that is a very competitive keyword. However, by adding one word ‘Cycling Yorkshire dales’. I got a reasonable amount of traffic from the post. Sometimes I go through sites adding certain words to titles and this can lead to more traffic.
  • Look at exisiting traffic statistics. work on keywords that are working. For example, if people come to your site searching ‘new bikes’ try pages like ‘new road bikes’ ‘new time trial bikes’ e.t.c.

Creating New Pages – Top 10s, Best of

Often we don’t need to create new content but merely make better use of existing content. Suppose, we have 1,000s of good photos on our site. We need to organise these photos into targeted, irresistible pages. For example, with 1,000s of photos related to cycling, I would create pages like:

  1. Top 10 Cycling Photos
  2. Unusual cycling photos
  3. Unique Bikes of Oxford
  4. How Not to Cycle Through Town
  5. Best Photos of Yorkshire Dales
  • Here, we are trying to think of titles that people may search, and also create really excellent pages, which will inspire people on social bookmarking sites, forums and hopefully get links to.
  • Note, it is good to focus on a particular theme, e.g. the unique and unusual do well. Beautiful nature scenes will appeal to different people.
  • Make these pages really stand out then try promote them. Even if they don’t work on social media, you can get steady traffic from google and other search referrals.

  • One Example: Recently, I spent a long time creating a page of fascinating old cycling photos. I submitted it to one forum and emailed one blogger who I knew would like it. The post ended up on 5 different forums and received 1,000 visits in 2 days.

Promote Your Content

After creating desirable content, you will need to promote it. Try to find like minded bloggers, who are liable to be receptive to your material. You can try writing to them saying. “I thought you might be interested in this, if you want to use a couple of photos for  your own blog you’re very welcome.”

Also worth submitting blog entries to blog carnivals.

Stumbleupon / Social media

Social Media such as Stumbleupon have the capacity to send 10,000s of visits in a single day. I would suggest stumbleupon is the easiest to break into. To get traffic from Stumbleupon, it needs to receive stumbles from Stumbleupon users who have good accounts. (i.e. you can’t just join, stumble your own site 20 times and expect a lot of traffic.) however, if you can break into stumbleupon an individual post can reach upto 100,000 visits or more. We have experienced this for a few posts on our self improvement blog Other social media like Digg and Delicious can send just as much traffic, but, generally, I’ve found it harder to break in.

Blog RSS Feed

If you have a blog with RSS feed, I feel it is much easier to generate traffic. A blog allows a community feel by encouraging traffic. RSS feed is a way to attract regular visitors who will read your content everyday (even if they don’t actually come to your site)

Generally, blogs are also easier to get links and traffics from other bloggers. Old static sites are often more difficult to catch the imagination of other bloggers.

Increasing traffic through search engines

Grow Your Blog organically

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