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A Good Logo is Worth Paying For | Net Writing

A Good Logo is Worth Paying For

Many bloggers are reluctant to spend any money on blogging. There is often a notion that bloggers should be able to do everything and there is no need to spend money. However, if we try to specialise in everything, we spend too long learning how to do things. Yes,  a blogger needs to be a jack of all trades, but, there are some things which are better to pay other people to do.

In the beginning of my blogging I designed a lot of my own logos; they weren’t bad, but, they weren’t great. Then I started paying professionals to design a logo. For a relatively modest investment you get a good return.

The visual impact of a blog is important – it says a lot about the standard of your blog; and creates a positive or negative first time impression – depending on how it looks. I do recommend paying for a good logo. This will help your blog stand out from the crowd and draw people to subscribe, bookmark and link to it.

If you’re too tight to pay $50 for a good logo, you will always struggle to become a professional blogger.

I can recommend Sumangali of Pure Web Design who has designed a couple of good logos for me including:

Cycling Info


Practical Weight Loss (for a friend)


#1 John on 08.07.08 at 11:24 pm

Hey nice logos Tejvan (and Sumangali)!

For those who might find the idea of paying $50 for a logo a bit steep, as one who also does such things for a living, I can report that people out there in the corporate world pay literally millions getting their branding right, which a logo is of course the most important part.

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