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10 Stupid Things we Do on the Internet | Net Writing

10 Stupid Things we Do on the Internet

1. Check Email Again.

It’s 10.30pm, Sunday evening and I’m going to check my email again, even though I did it 30 mins ago. As expected the message comes up
You have no new messages on this mail server.” – A perfect waste of time and to make it worse you feel you have no mates either.

2. Do the same thing Twice.

Feedburner blog stats get updated once a day, so why do I sometimes check them twice? I can offer no logical explanation. There is no need to check them more than once a week because they are so volatile. There are numerous other examples of things that we do twice.

3. Using computer whilst watching TV / Eating.

If there’s a good film on TV, why do I try to multitask and do something on the computer at the same time. If the TV is rubbish, why don’t we just switch it off and do one thing at a time?

4. Write a comment and then don’t post.

Have you ever written a comment and then thought at the end – what’s the point? no one really cares for my opinion anyway.

5. Hoping to Solve the problems of the World.

The internet is full of misinformation. Yet, we still somehow feel that we could correct all these erroneous views by offering reasoned and thoughtful arguments.

6. Go from one thing to another without doing anything at all.

Maybe you start writing a post, but then you get bored after first sentence and start stumbling. Then you will go and edit your css. Before you know it, you have 10 tabs open in Mozilla Firefox and nothing has got finished.

7. Send an email off quickly and then regret sending it.

Or even worse, reply to an email by clicking ‘Reply all’ rather than reply to individual – how to avoid embarrassing emails.

8. Expect Something inspiring, interesting, unique on the reddit / digg homepage. Everyday we think – let’s check reddit, there’s bound to be something good / inspiring and humorous today. Yet, usually we end up with just the usual shrill headlines.

9. Stay on the Computer for Too Long.

Sometimes we get into a mindset – the longer we have the computer switched on, the more we will get done. But, actually, we just stop ourselves having a break and doing something more worthwhile.

10. Write Endless top 10 lists

See: Why lists are rubbish 


#1 sir jorge on 03.05.08 at 7:53 pm

I’m guilty of almost all of these.

#2 Tejvan on 03.05.08 at 8:24 pm

You in good company Sir Jorge!

#3 John on 03.06.08 at 1:23 am

LOL—was somebody having a bad day when they wrote this list? Or did I just miss the “humour” tag? ;-) And who on earth is ever going to read this comment?

#4 John on 03.23.08 at 10:17 pm

Haha, thats a classic! I too am completely guilty of every single one!

#5 Jacob on 05.14.08 at 9:43 pm

#1. What if you are expecting e-mail from someone/thing important?
#2. You provide one example, you do not feel it necessary to provide more than one, you have little provided evidence.
#3. What if it is necessary to eat whilst on the computer, such as lunch, or at work?
#4. You have a valid complaint there.
#5. One does not have to solve the problems of the world, one can solve any problem they want, such as your mis-capitalization of world.