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Google Blog Comment Spam

If you have a blog you may notice getting a lot of comments that are like:

  • Author: Cheap DVDs
  • Website
  • Comment: Great Site! Love your post! Will be revisiting frequently!

People frequently approve this kind of comment because, hey, they’ve said you have a nice blog. But, the thing with this comment is that it could be sent to any blog post on any blog.

But, this kind of comment is automatically generated. If they are clever they send automatically to any post which is related (or not related) to their site.

I always mark these as spam because:

  • It offers nothing useful.
  • It is not a real person. It is a computer bot.
  • It is skewing google search results. Google is unfortunately rewarding people who send out all this blog comment spam (that is why they do it) – please read the excellent Jill Whelan Google Sucks all the way to the bank

Please don’t reward the spammers! Mark as spam any comment that is spam.

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