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Quick Tips for Better Blog Posts. | Net Writing

Quick Tips for Better Blog Posts.

  • Make sure keyword is going to be searched. Best length is often three of four words. ‘Newspaper Headlines’ may be more fun, but, they won’t attract much search. Use Google suggest for ideas.
  • Make sure the post has long term value. e.g. will people be searching for it next year?
  • Have a quick way of adding affiliate links. e.g. just copy an Amazon link and replace the search term.
  • At end of post, where do you want visitor to go next? Generally offering 2-3 related posts, helps keep them on the site and offers a more detailed post. Have to hand your best posts, so you can send first time visitors to your best posts.
  • If relevant include 1-3 relevant external links, these should be chosen for high relevance from quality sites. e.g. don’t link to home page of BBC, but, to an article offering more information.
  • In a competitive market, Google are increasingly weighting longer, more useful posts higher than short posts. Does your post offer something new or is it rehashing something you can find in a better form elsewhere on internet?
  • It is better to have one excellent post than several ‘average posts’

  • Use bullet points and top ten lists to help get more detailed post and aid quick scanning.
  • Draw up list of target articles. Choose one topic and really tackle it from different angles. e.g.
  • Play to your Strengths. If you have popular keyword searches, chances are you will rank high on similar posts.
  • For example, if your most popular keyword is ‘when to use comma’. Try similar posts – when to use apostrophe’, ‘How to use comma’ ‘rules for comma’
  • Make Use of popular keyword searches
    • How to …
    • … explained
    • Top Ten …
  • Look for debates. e.g.
    • Keynesianism vs Monetarism
    • Organic vs Non-Organic gardening
  • Redo posts which get good traffic. If posts are getting reasonable traffic, try make post better, make sure you have good links at bottom.
  • If a post is not getting any traffic, check title, good keywords better. Is it worth spending time on article that doesn’t get traffic.