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Rules for Approving Blog Comments | Net Writing

Rules for Approving Blog Comments

These are the rules I have for approving blog comments.

Messages that get marked as spam:

If author is juicy anchor text link. like

  • * author: Ipad Comparison site
  • * author: Cheap Mortgage loans

If your name happens to be Mr Cheap Mortgage Loans, I apologise for adding a further penalty to that of having thoughtless parents, but you can generally be safe any blog author who calls himself ‘best loans’ is trying to spam and get google link juice. Don’t reward them, mark as spam!

Comments That Get deleted

The vacuous comment that is so generic it could apply to any post on the internet.

* Hey great Post!
* Love your site! Will bookmark it for future reference!

To be honest, there is such a proliferation of these useless comments, that I often mark as spam, and not just delete.

Comments which are mainly a link to some website.

Often people combine a vacuous comment with a link at the end of a comment. It seems the sole purpose of the comment is to add a link. I usually always delete these comments. Occasionally people are genuine in pointing out a resource. These may be from regular readers, so I don’t delete out of hand.

Comments Which Attack

I don’t get many on my site, but, if people start attacking others or me, especially with any swearing, I delete straight away. I’m happy to approve comments which criticise arguments, but don’t bother to accept personal attacks.

Comments with Bad Grammar.

If any comment misplaces a grammar or splits an infinitive, it’s straight in the trash can! Only joking! But, I have sometimes taken time to edit comments which are full of basic spelling errors, which even pain me.

* Google blog comment spam