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7 Tips to Make Your Writing More Interesting | Net Writing

7 Tips to Make Your Writing More Interesting

1. Add Quotes from Respected authors.

A quote is a way of setting your advice against the wisdom of established experts. A well chosen quote also breaks up the monotony of your own prose. There are many quotes on writing here is one illustrating how we should never allow a lack of talent to dissuade us from writing.

It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous.

~Robert Benchley

2. Choose an Engaging Title.

Titles are of great importance for setting up a short article, more so on the internet, than anywhere else. A Title should be clear and also catch the attention of the reader.
See: Choosing eyecatching titles

3. Get Rid of Superfluous Words.

Don’t start an article with phrases like, “I haven’t felt like writing much recently.” If you can remove a word and the meaning stays the same, the word can go.

4. Ask questions of your Reader.

Is there any reason why you cannot improve your own writing, with these simple tips? Look at a recent article; is there a suitable quote you could add? Can you add your own personal experience? By asking questions, it turns the article from a lecture into a conversation. Although you would not want to overdo this method.

5. Take a strong point of view: be Bold, don’t sit on the fence. Make a convincing case for a particular point of view. see: How to stand out from the crowd

People may disagree with you, but it’s better to be bold than placid.

6. Give personal examples.

This is one of the most effective ways of giving added interest to an article. If you can give personal examples you can turn theory into practise. People respond to personal example because it shows that you are writing from experience. My experience with overcoming a google penalty

Nate’s experience in getting 400 RSS subscribers

7. Humour.

Humour can sometimes simply involve taking a contrary view, which is both absurd and unlikely. It makes a change from the formulaic writing that seems to flourish on the internet.
Category – humour


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