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Blogger Tips

Blogger Tips and Tricks:

If you have blogger you can use a hack to be able to split posts with a More Button like WordPress

other useful tips at Blogger tips and tricks

Blogger offers much more options if it is hosted at blogger domains. either as blogspot or with your own domain.

That seems best deal free hosting, but using a proper name, rather than .blogspot.

However, if you have a site on another site and publish using FTP, the new blogger options are not available. I will soon bite the bullet and convert all my blogger blogs to wordpress.

Useful tip: Guest Blogger

Guest Blogging can be a good way to create new readers / links. I haven’t had time to check it out, but this site looks promising.

Anchor text

Useful article on Anchor Text at SEO basics.

BE careful not to overdo it. ALso worth looking at: anchor text devalued