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Difference Between Hosting and Registering Domain | Net Writing

Difference Between Hosting and Registering Domain

  • To register a domain means simply to buy a particular domain name. For example, you might buy the domain –
  • Many companies offer a service to register domains such as
  • Many people buy domain names and don’t use them straight away.

(If you buy a domestic tld (e.g. a or the domain will be subject to the laws of that country. For example, any is monitored by Nominet. Sometimes restrictions are placed on national domains)

Hosting A Website

  • With a domain name, you can host a website at that web address.
  • Hosting means you put web pages on a web server (for example Dreamhost, Wiredtree).
  • You need to point the domain name at the Hosting company. (set nameservers) and then you can put your webpages through your hosting company.
  • Then when people visit they will see the webpages you created.

Creating Web Pages

There are different ways to create webpages. This blog is created using wordpress. WordPress isĀ  a software which makes it easier to create content.

Some hosting companies offer two services. This means you can register a domain and host the website through same company. However, you can also register your domains and point them at any hosting company you want.