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What can Harry Potter teach us about Blogging? | Net Writing

What can Harry Potter teach us about Blogging?

Apparently, there is a book coming out on July 21st, “Harry Trotter and the earthly shallows” or something like that. Anyway, people who have been living on planet earth, say this will be the best selling book since Chairman Mao’s little red book was made “highly recommended” reading for China’s 1 billion proletariat, back in 1965.

What is the reason behind the extraordinary success of Harry potter and could we apply a little of this magic to our blogs?

1. Don’t give up – if at first you don’t succeed.

Do you know how many times Harry Potter was rejected by major publishers? Nor do I, but I know it was rejected at least several times by famous publishers. How they must have suffered through all this Potter Mania. In the beginning, you may get discouraged because not many people are reading your blog. However, if you keep writing captivating content, you will eventually get the audience you deserve.

2. Have faith in your blog

Early efforts at blogging might not give the results you want / expect. When this occurs there is a temptation to give in. However, you need to believe that your blog is worthwhile and not get discouraged. J.K.Rowling got published because she really believed her book was good. When she got rejected she kept trying until she hit the big time. If she had given up after a few months of failure, things would have been very different.

3. Be innovative.

One attraction of the Harry Potter Series is that it is new, fresh and original. It was like nothing that has occurred before. When you blog, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Look for a new angle to your blog. Don’t regurgitate old ideas and old concepts – be innovative. Look for a fresh angle.

4. Keep Readers wanting More.

J.K.Rowling has perfected the art of engaging the reader. At the end of each chapter and book, there is always the desire to learn what happens next. When you blog, give readers a reason to come back. Try blog contests or series of posts, invite questions and comments for readers, people will come back to see the response.

5. Buzz

A successful blog creates its own momentum. The success of Harry Potter was, in the beginning, driven by word of mouth; this was picked up by the media who created unprecedented hype and interest in the series. When people start talking about a book or blog, it is the best form of advertising. Try to create buzz around your blog, don’t just sit on the fence. Look for something unique or original. Give people a reason to talk about your blog – even if it just about being kicked off Google (not recommended Unless you have 6,000 + subscribers)

6. Write about Monsters, Witches and Werewolves.

Ok, maybe not too appropriate for a blog on SEO and writing. But, it would be different at least.

7. Defence against the Dark Arts

Protect yourself against the spammers and evil SEO tricks that can get you kicked off Google.


Did anyone tell you Harry Potter is on sale on July 21st


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