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Writing on the Ipad | Net Writing

Writing on the Ipad

How useful is the iPad for writing and creating documents?

Firstly, if you rely on the iPad touch screen without keyboard dock.

The touch screen takes a bit of getting used to. It is importantly different size to the standard keyboard layout. Not much, but enough to throw you off your usual fast speed typing. It’s OK for short docs or emails, but, you will get frustrated for longer ones, especially if you can type at a quick pace without looking at keys.

Using Keyboard Dock with Ipad

Using the keyboard dock with iPad gives you a normal size keyboard and the ipad is situated in a good position above the keyboard. It’s pretty good for typing and not much different to an ordinary laptop.

However, the keyboard dock is disappointingly heavy and not particularly easy to transport. You can get a bag for an Ipad, but the keyboard dock doesn’t travel comfortably. The main advantage of the iPad is the fact it is light and easy to transport, if you are going to have to carry a keyboard dock, it is just as easy to take a small laptop.

Word processors for Ipad

The iPad is not great at sharing documents. THere is no file system, so you are at the mercy of applications. I tried a cheap text editor at just under £1.  I liked its simplicity, but saving documents was a nightmare. I managed to loose the first document trying to paste it into a wordpress blog. There is no autosave or anything like that that you need.

alternatives include – Documents to Go and iWorks