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What Should a New Blogger Spend his Time on?

A newbie blogger is liable to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of different aspects that go into blogging. It is hard to know where to spend your time and energies.

This is what I suggest in terms of priorities.


You have to write good articles. It is advisable to write 5-7 really good articles. These articles should set the tone of the blog. They are the kind of articles that you would be happy to put in a selection – ‘Recommended Reading’. You can highlight these excellent articles, so that people who come across your blog will read them and want to bookmark it. Without good content everything else is a waste of time.


You can write 1,000 excellent articles, but, if you have no inbound links, if you don’t tell anyone about your blog you should expect 0 traffic. You may get the odd short burst of traffic from blog posts, but, these will soon tail off (google, give new blog posts high rankings for about a week before dropping there rankings.) Getting links is an art. The most important is to have some good content. View – How to get links to your blog

  • Note: Links should be natural. You want to slowly build up the number of links that you get. Don’t wait 6 months and then think – I’ll get a 100 links this week. It doesn’t work like that. Google want to see a steady progression of links. The sooner you start the better. If you don’t get any links you will be demoralised by the lack of traffic.
  • Note: I will be writing more advice about links soon.
  • Not every article has to be very indepth. It is good to offer a mix of long and short posts.

Encourage Subscribers.

This is similar to point number 2. Subscribers are the best way to build your blog and gain natural links over time. See: How To increase RSS subscribers. You should look to start building RSS subscribers soon after writing your first 10 articles.

Good Design

A new blogger should get a good design. This is essential for attracting new subscribers and links. However, you don’t want to spend too much time because there is a lot to learn in this area. I advise using a free template and pay for a really great logo. People don’t expect perfection in design. Something clean and simple will keep you going until you make the big time. But, you want to stand out from the crowd.

Things For New Bloggers To Avoid

Looking for affiliate programs.

There is no point trying affiliate programs when your trafffic is small. Get traffic first before worrying about advertising.

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What do People want from a blog?

1. Information

How to …..

e.g. How to be a prolific blogger

2. Links to Resources.

Links to other external sites. Some successful blogs are collections of good, relevant external links. I am always looking out for good articles on writing, blogs. The problem is that searching the internet can be very time consuming. Well researched links to the best articles help alot. (It’s also a useful way to make contact with other bloggers.)

3. A conversation

Only a small % of visitors to a blog will make a comment, but those who leave comments have made a close relationship with the blog; it is in an indication the blog, at the very least, has stimulated further discussion.

4. Inspiration.

Sometimes we visit blogs for inspiration. This can be either in a specific sense; i.e. inspiration for our blog writing, or it could be general inspiration when we don’t feel like writing.

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Choosing the Right Topic for a Blog

If you are reading this, chances are you will already have a blog. However, you may feel that you have outgrown your first blog and would like to diversify into different areas.

When starting a new blog it is very important to choose the right niche and topics to blog on. Before starting a blog it is also worth considering what the purpose of the blog is for. This will to a large extent determine the approach of the blog.

If possible also make sure you can get a relevant domain name, to go with your blog.

When choosing a niche for your website, make sure you consider the following points.

1. Do you have knowledge about the subject?

Can you write articles without having to copy ideas from others? If the answer is no, the blog is a bit of a non starter.

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