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A Critique of My Own Blog.

It is always a good idea to step back and evaluate your own blog. Have a look at your own blog today, and think what you need to do to improve it. I had a quick brainstorm session and realised that there are quite a few things I should be doing.

10 Things I should do more of on this blog

1. Write to first time commentators, and reply to their comments.
2. Write speedlinking posts, which are collections of the best links of the week. – A great resource for readers and also a great way to meet new bloggers.
3. Use wasted space on my header. Its a lot of blue space, which is not used for anything. I am currently testing out blog themes at other blogs, if successful I can use the same theme here.
4. Move to unlimited bandwidth. At the moment, this blog is not on unlimited bandwidth. If I suddenly got on Digg home page, I may be left with many bitter regrets.
5. Write a post everyday. Rather than just posting anything, I should build up a bank of good posts for when I need to fill in a few daily gaps.
6. Highlight best posts of month from this site.
7. Link more to other bloggers. The problem is it is quite time consuming to find suitable links.
8. Get A contact form.
9. Have a blog contest, to encourage reader interaction.
10. A killer logo and tagline. Current logo is too ordinary.

That’s quite a lot of work I need to do. If you have any other suggestions I would be grateful to hear. Of course, giving advice is one thing; but, as the old saying goes: actions speak louder than words.


What I Have Learnt from My First Year Blogging

I have been building websites for the past 4 years, but it is only in the past 12 months that I have really got into blogging. I have found managing a blog to be a great way to grow and build an established website. I have also enjoyed setting up a few new blogs from scratch. In fact, one problem I have been trying to manage, is keeping several blogs up to date at the same time.

What I learnt from my 1st year of Blogging.

1. Blogging vs Websites

Adding a blog to a website is one of the best things you can do to make your website more dynamic. See: advantages of blogs. Generally blogs have several advantages over websites, but there are still some situations where ordinary web pages can have advantages over blogs. E.g. Biography online works better as a web resource, rather than a blog. If you want to quickly add lots of pages, targeting keywords on Google, you blog is not necessarily the best place.

2. Page Rank does have some importance.

When I first started blogging, I was under the impression page rank, was no longer of any relevance. Why? Because on my websites, I had seen significant increases in traffic and SERPs without any change in Page rank. However, over the past few months, I have realised page rank, is of some importance. Its primary importance is as a signal. If nothing else – get a higher page rank and you can use this to command higher prices from advertisers.

3. The Importance of Writing

Writing is the building block of a successful blog and website. With writing you should aim for quantity and quality. You can’t expect to make a successful blogger, with a few well crafted posts. It is important to continuously build your archives and pages. At the same time as writing in quantity, you have to write articles that are useful, informative and give people a reason to link to them. If you find writing very difficult, you will not find blogging easy. Writing Tips

4. Work on Building Links.

Net Writing has accumulated a number of backlinks; however, the majority are through some personal effort. Either submitting to blog carnivals or being aware of writing projects e.t.c. Don’t sit back and expect to see your technorati ranking shoot through the roof. Tips for getting more links

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Binary Moon – Do Follow

I came across Binary Moon through hearing about their blog contest. Basically, the competition offers the chance to gain a link and possible review from the PR7 site.

The first thing I notice about the site, is that it is designed by a real expert. It has calming effect, that very few websites have. It inspires me to consider hiring a designer to take improve the rather ordinary design of this blog.

The second thing, which sticks in the mind is how did the blog get a PR of 7.? I think the importance of Page Rank is quite often overestimated; nevertheless, given the chance to increase our page rank, most bloggers would be very happy. Given the blog has a page rank of 7, I was surprised that the blog has activated the “do follow” plugin. It is interesting that the blog has such a high page rank, given that it willingly gives out so much “google juice”.

Binary moon is well worth checking out for a few design and wordpress tips. It is also worth reading this thoughtful review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. – Don’t worry it is a non-spoiler

Blogging Tips: Review

At Blogging Tips I offered a guest post. “What stops you Writing

It is a look at what stops us from writing and how we can overcome it.

I came across Blogging Tips, when it was a very new site. I think Blogging Tips is destined to be a very successful blog for various reasons:

1. Aims High.

To be a successful blogger, you can’t afford to be half hearted. Blogging Tips is on its own dedicated server and Kevin has paid for quite a few paid reviews at related blogs. For example, he paid $400 for a blog review at John This brought a big increase in traffic and RSS subscribers. See John Chow effect 

Of course, it is not necessary to advertise your blog, but a little investment now can quickly build up your RSS readership quickly. To capitalise on these paid reviews your blog has to give good reasons  for people to stay.

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