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Cloud Flare

  • I tried Cloud Flare to help improve website speed with
  • First site is free. For more than 1 and extra features you need to pay.
  • One good advantage is that when your server goes down, cloud flare display a cached copy, keeping your site up. Very useful if you have a site you want 100% uptimes.

It works by setting your nameservers to Cloud Flare’s

Difference Between Hosting and Registering Domain

  • To register a domain means simply to buy a particular domain name. For example, you might buy the domain –
  • Many companies offer a service to register domains such as
  • Many people buy domain names and don’t use them straight away.

(If you buy a domestic tld (e.g. a or the domain will be subject to the laws of that country. For example, any is monitored by Nominet. Sometimes restrictions are placed on national domains)

Hosting A Website

  • With a domain name, you can host a website at that web address.
  • Hosting means you put web pages on a web server (for example Dreamhost, Wiredtree).
  • You need to point the domain name at the Hosting company. (set nameservers) and then you can put your webpages through your hosting company.
  • Then when people visit they will see the webpages you created.

Creating Web Pages

There are different ways to create webpages. This blog is created using wordpress. WordPress is  a software which makes it easier to create content.

Some hosting companies offer two services. This means you can register a domain and host the website through same company. However, you can also register your domains and point them at any hosting company you want.


Fixing WordPress Blank Screen

Viewing a wordpress blog and seeing a perfectly blank screen is very worrying. Thankfully, there are a few quick things, that can often solve it.

  • Disable Plugins. If you can’t login, just rename the plugin folder to (old-plugin2). If that fixes it, you can try reactiving individual plugins and see which one causes problem
  • Add Memory. To wp-config add: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
  • Try Default Theme.


Internet Withdrawal Symptoms

Turning off mobile phones, avoiding the internet and tuning out of the television and radio can leave people suffering from symptoms similar to those seen in drug addicts trying to go cold turkey, researchers have found.

- Report at Daily Telegraph


Internet addiction help
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When To Use A Capital Letter

Capital Letters should be use in the following situations.

  1. At the start of a sentence. I should improve my grammar.
  2. To indicate proper nouns (names or places). My teacher, Mr Wood, came from The Palace of Westminster.
  3. Adjectives of proper nouns. I began to learn German, English, physics, and science.
  4. Major words in the title of a book, play, movie. The Sound of Music was a very successful movie. (note, some librarians prefer not to capitalise titles of books; e.g,  – The taming of the shrew)
  5. Abbreviations - BBC, IBM, TUC
  6. Trade Names. Marmite, Heinz and Nescafe are frequently found in the kitchen.
  7. Titles of events. The First World War, World War Two.
  8. Governments. The French Government was mired in another corruption scandal.
  9. Religious Use. Words to represent religious festivals or important religious concepts. E.g. My Lord, the Prophet of Islam, God, the feast of Passover.
  10. The Pronoun I. I would love to know who I really am.
  11. Historical Periods, but not for centuries. The Renaissance. The Romantic period, Roman era, twentieth century.

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Difference Between British English and American English

Apart from about 2,000 miles. and the fact British English was invented first, there are several minor differences.

American English owes much to the Webster Dictionary – An American Dictionary of the English Language. (1828)

In 1755, Samuel Johnson published his Dictionary of the English Language. This was one of the first formal attempts to categorise English spelling. However, Webster didn’t approve of Johnson’s efforts. In particular he didn’t like certain varieties of Johnson’s spelling. Webster didn’t like words which weren’t spelt (or spelled which is more common in US) the way they were pronounced.

Thus Webster removed many letters like the silent u. So in American English we get

  • Favor
  • Color
  • Humor

rather than the British version favour, colour, and humour.

  • He also changed centre to center. Theatre, to theater.

Unnecessary endings were also dropped.

  • analogue (GB)  becomes analog (US)

There are also other differences. For example, Americans tend to add on l in words like travelled.

  • US – traveled.
  • GB – travelled.

In the mid Nineteenth Century, American English was close to British English in terms of accent and words used. However, the widespread immigration to American inevitably led to a widening of the difference between the two versions of English. New words became part of every day use.

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List of Common Misspelt Words

  • acceptable
  • accidentally
  • accommodate
  • acquire
  • acquit
  • advice (noun)
  • advise (verb) – I advise you to keep your advice to yourself.
  • a lot
  • amateur
  • apparent
  • archaeology
  • argument
  • avocado
  • believe
  • broccoli
  • calendar
  • caribbean
  • cemetery
  • changeable
  • collectible
  • colossal
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Writing on the Ipad

How useful is the iPad for writing and creating documents?

Firstly, if you rely on the iPad touch screen without keyboard dock.

The touch screen takes a bit of getting used to. It is importantly different size to the standard keyboard layout. Not much, but enough to throw you off your usual fast speed typing. It’s OK for short docs or emails, but, you will get frustrated for longer ones, especially if you can type at a quick pace without looking at keys.

Using Keyboard Dock with Ipad

Using the keyboard dock with iPad gives you a normal size keyboard and the ipad is situated in a good position above the keyboard. It’s pretty good for typing and not much different to an ordinary laptop.

However, the keyboard dock is disappointingly heavy and not particularly easy to transport. You can get a bag for an Ipad, but the keyboard dock doesn’t travel comfortably. The main advantage of the iPad is the fact it is light and easy to transport, if you are going to have to carry a keyboard dock, it is just as easy to take a small laptop.

Word processors for Ipad

The iPad is not great at sharing documents. THere is no file system, so you are at the mercy of applications. I tried a cheap text editor at just under £1.  I liked its simplicity, but saving documents was a nightmare. I managed to loose the first document trying to paste it into a wordpress blog. There is no autosave or anything like that that you need.

alternatives include – Documents to Go and iWorks

Minimalism in Writing

minimalism in writing.

Interesting List mnlist

Google Free

Interesting article at Zen Habits – Google Free in a day