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How To Get Better Google Rankings

If you want to get high search engine positions for a certain keyword, there are various strategies that you can take. The ultimate test will be to create a site that compels others to link to it. Therefore, although SEO practices are important, you must give importance to making the site attractive for visitors and readers.

These are the most Important Factors for Keyword ranking

1. Choose Good domain name.

  • If you want to dominate the rankings for a keyword such as “cycling”. It is helpful to have cycling in the domain name. e.g.,
  • However, it is not essential; people can still have high rankings for “computers” without having computers in the title. (Googling cycling in the UK gives only 3 results out of top 10 with cycling in domain name)
  • The advantage of choosing a domain name “cycling info” is that when you get someone linking to your site, the anchor text will invariably have “cycling info” in it.
  • If you wanted to have multiple domains to try and dominate a key search phrase like “mortgage quotes”. I would suggest choosing 50% of domains with mortgages in and 50% of domains without mortgages.

2. In Bound Links

Links from Other Websites to your Site is, in my opinion, the single most important factor. However, it is not the number, but, the quality and variety of links that is important
The importance of Links increases if

  • They are from sites on related themes
  • If the site is trusted by Google. i.e well established, high PR, lots of links to that site, has been around for a long time.
  • The link contains a high % the anchor text of the keyword.
  • They are naturally generated over time. – Google will try to spot link manipulation schemes.
  • The links are from a variety of sources and different IP addresses.

Don’t bother with:

  • Buying links
  • Links from Link farms
  • Reciprocal links from unrelated sites.
  • Links from a page with 100s of links, unless the site is very good.

See more Tips on getting inbound links

  • It depends on the keyword niche. If the keyword is not particularly competitive, you may need only a small number of links, so don’t be put off by worrying how to get loads of links.

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Is it Worth Selling Text Links?

On my mortgage site, I frequently get people offering to buy text links. If I had sold these text links I could have made quite a lot of money, and I have to say it is rather tempting.

The problem is that Google say that webmasters shouldn’t do it.

You can understand why Google are against buying text links.

  • Links are an important factor in determining page rank and search engine positions. Therefore selling links will distort search engine results. It will benefit sites who can afford to pay for text links and not those who deserve to be higher.
  • If getting search engine results requires webmasters to buy links, it will cause a bidding war, where the people willing to pay the most will get the best search results.

Because Google say don’t do it, I am reluctant to ignore their advice. Why? Continue reading →

WordPress Search vs Google Search

I used to use the default wordpress search function. However, I found that the search results were rarely meaningful. WordPress doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish which is the most relevant post. If, for example, you search for ‘Google and SEO’. It will return every post with those 2 keywords in it. However, when I search I am looking for the post with that in its title.

Rather than searching through wordpress, I found it easier to do a google search ‘Google and SEO netwriting’ would bring up the post I was looking for quicker than an internal search.

Since I stopped using wordpress my search, I assumed it would be better for reader to replace it with a custom Google search button.

  • If you are a Google adsense publisher, you can easily create a google search button. As an added bonus you can get revenue if people click on the sponsored search results.
  • Note: I use Google search button on several websites. I find it provides about 10% of Google adsense earnings. – Not a huge amount, but, it does add up over several months.
  • If you are not a Google adsense publisher, Google allow you to create a custom Search Engine

Any Disdvantages of Google Search?

Sometimes new pages are not indexed. Occassionaly, not even, old pages are not indexed by Google. If you have many pages which are not indexed, you want to try and get them indexed through removing duplicate pages, and getting more links. However, sometimes I feel it is just a glitch of Google that they cannot index all pages.

Does anyone prefer WordPress Search to Google Search?

Is Google Adsense Gaining a Bad Reputation?

Some may say, it has had a bad reputation for along time, because it is used on so many splogs.

Recently, I posted why I had decided to remove Google adsense from Netwriting. Interestingly many top bloggers are also saying that they are giving up on google adsense. Problogger’s new design is adsense free. Kevin from Blogging Tips writes a post – Adsense good for the lazy blogger. John Chow is also selling his google spot.  Numerous other top bloggers recommend maintaining an adsense free blog. Yet, of course there are top bloggers doing very well out of Google adsense

Michael from Problog design asks a good question does not adsense still have some value, especially for beginners ? I think it always will. However, the crucial thing is that it’s usefulness depends very much on the blog niche.

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Why I removed Google Ads

Today I decided to remove Google ads from netwriting. The reason is:

  1. Low Click through rate and little money earned
  2. Absence of google ads looks a little more professional.
  3. They can always be added later, if the blog generates very high traffic levels.

True, I didn’t place them in the best place. But, even in the best place, I think the small income doesn’t justify the nuisance factor. It is good to see a blog as an investment. When you are waiting to build up subscribers and get the first page rank, there is little to be gained by over monetizing your blog.

This is also one of the 23 things Nate Whitehill mentioned in his blog post about how he built up his first 500 RSS subscribers ( I would imagine it won’t be too long before he makes 1,000)

Now, the main problem with this blog is the header. Either I need to modify existing template, with new logo (I wish php was as easy as Html) or find a new wordpress theme.

Tip: when removing things from your sidebar, it’s a short cut just to comment them out. This means if you want to change your mind the code remains where it is.
<!– – - > code for commenting out note there are 2 dashes –
/* */ for php

Overcoming Google 950 Penalty

A few days ago I wrote about a site which appeared to receive a google 950 penalty

What did I do to get the penalty removed?

Well, to be honest – nothing.

But, to be fair, I can’t think what I did to get it in the first place. Here is a screen shot from StatCounter


What I would advise for Getting Rid Or Avoiding Google Penalties

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Google 950 Penalty

The Google 950 penalty is no joke. Overnight all your search engine rankings can fall by upto 950 places. Search terms where you used to rank number 1 or 2 will suddenly appear at the end of the search results, e.g. number 950.

Some webmasters report a slightly less severe penalty of 30-40. But a fall of 30-40 places is nearly as good as a fall of 900.

This seemed to happen to on 27th June. Suddenly traffic from Google dried up. Bizarrely, rankings on MSN and Windows Live, have been booming in recent weeks.. On Yahoo and MSN rankings are quite high for some keywords. But, fortunately or unfortunately, it is Google’s search engines that matter. Google has at least 50% of search engine traffic, if you can’t rank on Google it is a real disaster.

There are several possible explanations for a penalty like this:

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Google and Duplication of Content: Be Careful

One of the big problems facing the internet has been the enormous number of splogs. Google is increasingly trying to stop this. One of the main motivations has probably been its desire to clean up its adsense program. Basically, advertisers don’t like seeing their ads appear on “made for adsense sites”

Definition of a splog.

A splog is a blog / website that does not offer original content, it only copies content from other sites. Often splogs are specifically designed to gain revenue from the google adsense program. They are often bracketed with Made for Adsense sites – MFA.

In the past ,Google was quite poor in distinguishing between websites that offered unique content and websites that just duplicated from others. Often Google would (and it still does) give a higher search engine position to sites that only copied the article from another site.

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