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How to Rank Highly for A Keyword: 10 Tips

An important element of SEO is to rank highly for certain keywords. For the purpose of this example we shall choose the keyword “cycling clothes” In practise your chose keyword will depend upon the objective of your site, however, the basic principles are the same.

1. Choose Good domain name.

Your website should preferably have “cycling” and or “clothes” in the title. If it is possible to get a domain like you will be very lucky. There are many potential variations on your theme. e.g. However, I would recommend choosing a domain name that is relatively short, and doesn’t sound “spammy”. If your domain name is: – It may fit your keyword, but sounds bad to visitors, you will lose authority.

UPDATE: Note it is quite possible to rank highly for “cycling clothes” without the keywords in the domain. I think keywords in the title are less important than previously. The main reason for having cycling in your domain name is that it is easier to get “cycling” as the anchor text in your link.

2. Stick to your Niche.

If your target is cycling clothes you need to focus on content related to the keywords. It will be unhelpful to get distracted from your website’s topic and start writing about politics and the state of the economy.

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Top 10 Reasons lists are Rubbish

Problogger is suggesting we kickstart our blog by writing some list posts. But I think writing in lists is for dummies, so here’s my top 10 reasons why lists are rubbish.

1. They are for the lazy, who can’t be bothered to write a proper article

2. Did William Shakespeare write in lists?

  1. To be
  2. Or not
  3. to be
  4. That is the question
  5. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
  6. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
  7. Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

not quite the same ring to it somehow…

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Do you stand out from the Crowd?

One problem of the internet is that there are countless people blogging about the same topics. It can be difficult to provide a distinctive voice, and offer a unique viewpoint. However, if you are unable to stand out from the rest of the blogosphere, your blog will remain another “nearly blog” – good, solid content but not dynamic.

There are various different approaches that you can take to stand out from the crowd; but it is worth noting that some are more useful than others.

1. Your Personality

The easiest and most logical way to offer a distinctive voice is by injecting your own personality into the blog. This does not mean you need your name in the URL like I would recommend choosing a url with good keywords in. However, a personal approach means that you offer your own experiences, viewpoints and explain what works for you. Injecting your personality into a blog doesn’t mean you share upswings in your personal life. It is advisable to avoid this. What you should work on is developing a distinctive writing style, that does not appear bland and an imitation of others.

2. Humour.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Feel able be self depreciating. If it is practical, every now and then, to inject humour into your bog then this will provide light relief for any topic. People like to be entertained on the internet. Top 10 reasons not to write another blog post.

3. Don’t sit on the Fence.

On some posts, at least, it is good to offer a strong opinion. Say why something works for you and why it doesn’t work for you. Look at J.Chow’s why not amazon affiliate  vs. D.Rowse’s why I am an amazon affiliate. Taking an opinion doesn’t mean you have to be controversial for the sake of it. Nor is a good idea to do it every time; if you do, you risk alienating your loyal readers. However, you should be able and willing to express opinions where necessary.

4. Bold Titles.

There is a very good post at Copyblogger about the benefits of bold titles. Go Big or Go Home. Never underestimate the importance of titles. It is the titles of a post that determine the success of a blog post on Social networking sites. It is titles that determine whether people will ever read your post. Titles of posts in a way define your blog post. Therefore, don’t be afraid to consider using unusual, eye catching titles. Again, like anything don’t overdo it.

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Top 10 Tips to Increase Blog Speed

  1. Reduce size of page. My main blog used to be 37 entries. I checked and it was a massive 169K. This is too long so I reduced the size of the blog. I wonder how many visitors I lost because they didn’t want to wait the 10-15 seconds for the page to load. Also, if the page is too long it tends to overwhelm people.
  2. Images take up the most space. So limit the number of images on a page. If there are too many images it can also be dazzling for the viewer. A good feature of wordpress is the ability to split the page. This means you can have long pages, but not everything on main home page. (There is also a hack for Bloggers to do this)
  3. Reduce size of images as much as possible. Using adobe photoshop I always “save for web” and save images at a low quality. This means you can reduce the size of images, without much noticeable impact on the quality.
  4. Check the site for 404s and 303 error messages. It means that the site is trying to load something unsuccessfully. Check stats or use Tamper Mozilla firefox download. More details on using Tamper can be found here
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