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Embarassing Email Blunders | Net Writing

Embarassing Email Blunders

You have to be very careful when using email. There are a few easy ways to make embarassing blunders.

Reply CC

You get an email from a friend. By mistake you reply CC rather than reply To. You make a very private comments about a third party, not realising you have sent the message to them. Always be very careful when using CC. It means everyone gets a copy.

Forwarding Embarassing stuff.

An email may contain several replies and message. If you forward this email onto someone, you my forward comments from someone else to people they never intended to read that message. When forwarding always check to bottom of email and all replies and to. Best practise is to delete it.

Autofill Email Address

You have a boss called john_tucket. You have a boyfriend called john_trader. It is an easy mistake to autofill the wrong p erson. Before you know it you have sent your romantic thoughts to your boss, and your willingness to do overtime to your boyfriend.


Email is so easy. You can fire off a few quick sarcastic remarks, but then the next day you deeply regret sending off an email in the heat of the moment. You can’t retrieve email.


Forwarding Email without permission

In 2000, Claire Swires sent an email to her then boyfriend while working at the London law firm, Norton Rose. It was quite explicit. But, unbeknown to her, her boyfriend forwarded it on to ‘one or two friends’ who then forwarded it on to ‘one or two more friends’ Before you knew it, the email had been forwarded around the world.

A police officer who sent an email to her colleagues asking: “who stole my yoghurt out of the fridge? Unfortunately she accidentally sent the email to the entire state police force and received many a reply including…. “Do you need the FBI? Have you sealed off the area? Has the dog unit been called?”

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