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3 Simple Punctuation Rules | Net Writing

3 Simple Punctuation Rules

Here are 3 common, but, easy mistakes to Avoid

Your – You’re

  • Your refers to a person’s attributes e.g.
  • You’re – short for You are


You should try to improve your grammar.

You’re never going to believe this, but, you placed the apostrophe in the wrong place – again!

The simple step is to make sure you’re able to say you are.

For example, it is wrong to say:

You should try to improve you’re (you are) grammar

There Their There

  • There refers to a place
  • Their refers to a person.

I shall go over there to read the book.
They should remember their grammar and punctuation when writing an essay.

I would like to go there.

Their main problem in travelling to New York was getting over there.

It ItsĀ  It’s

  • It’s is short for it is.

It’s (it is) a beautiful day.
It’s (it is) a shame I never know the difference between a split infinitive and conjugation.

  • Its refers to an object

The main use of a comma is in its ability to separate a sentence into different sections.
(note here we couldn’t say “in it is ability”)

It’s a shame to discard the benefit of its undoubted ability to save time.