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Traffic levels for Blog Posts and Static Pages

I am amazed at the difference between traffic for blog pages and static pages. On my economics site by google blogger blog has 423 posts and gets on average 4,000 daily page impressions by Google Analytics. A static section of my site has 130 pages and gets on average 35 page impressions by Google analytics. A post on a blog gives a ratio of 10 page views per post. A static page gives an average of 0.3 pages.

It would be interesting to understand the disparity between blog pages and static html pages.

  1. One potential reason is that the static pages are generally shorter.
  2. Maybe their keywords are not so good. Although I tried on both sections to choose ‘keyword friendly’ titles.
  3. Maybe google give higher rankings to blogs, especially with a reasonable RSS susbcriber count?

But, it gives a clear incentive to add blog pages rather than static pages. In fact, I ended up adding a second blog, because I didn’t want to overwhelm the first blog with too many posts.

Another issue worth mentioning is that blog posts often give ‘temporary traffic’ For example, I have a few pages such as Euro 2008 forecasts, which is giving good traffic during 2008, but, will obviously drop off next year. Even blog posts without dates often give diminishing returns over time. I think what is happening is that Google, give a higher weighting to recent blog posts because this is often what people are searching – recent posts.

It may also depend on the niche of the Blog Website. On another site , the results are less conclusive. Here the static pages get a similar level of traffic to the blog pages (although here the blog has only 123 pages). The difference here might be that the static part of the section is actually a higher quality than the blog. In depth biographies are given static pages. Blog entries are shorter snippets. Also biographies don’t lend themselves to blogging. I mean dead people are more suited to a static site than a constantly updating blog. So in this niche, people don’t want blog entries, but, in economic, recent events are more important.

I would be interested if  anyone else have evidence of traffic volumes for blog posts vs static pages?

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