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Using Blog Carnivals to Increase Links | Net Writing

Using Blog Carnivals to Increase Links

I have started experimenting with Blog Carnivals and feel these are a good way to increase the number of inbound links to your site. In addition, they can provide new readers and greater exposure for your blog.

How Blog Carnivals Work

  1. Go to Blog Carnivals
  2. Search for Blog Carnivals related to your Blog. You can go here to list of blog carnivals and browse by category. Alternatively, you can also use the search button for looking for your keywords.
  3. After finding a suitable carnival you can submit relevant blog posts. Most ask for a short summary of your article.
  4. If you don’t find a carnival relevant to your recent postings, it is worth writing articles with certain carnivals in mind.
  5. If your blog post is useful it will get mentioned on the host carnival, creating a link to your site.

For a relatively short amount of work, you can gain inbound links from a relevant blog. I cannot see any downside to this at all. Obviously, the better the blog posts submitted the more success it will have.

If you want to target keywords in google, you can try to work these into your title, if appropriate. This will give the benefit of having a link with your preferred anchor text. However, it should fit into the general theme of the carnival, otherwise it will not work.

If you wish you could also host a blog carnival. This gives you:

  • a link from blog carnival
  • Increased exposure and traffic
  • Chance for more links, as participants link back to the blog carnival.


#1 John on 05.29.07 at 8:45 pm

Nice tips as per usual Richard.

#2 Joanna Young on 06.02.07 at 9:06 am

Thanks for the tips. Any estimate of how much work it is to run a carnival, or does it just depend on how much material is submitted?


#3 Richard on 06.02.07 at 10:57 am

I think it is a matter of adding the submissions to a blog post. A good idea is to ask the submitters to add their own 2 sentence introduction. Therefore it should be just a matter of copy and paste.

I guess the more success you have, the more entries you get:

e.g. this has quite a few:

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