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Reader’s Questions – SEO and Google ads | Net Writing

Reader’s Questions – SEO and Google ads

Some questions from CLKL at Juggling Frogs

  • Does SEO matter for blogs that are not profit oriented? If I'm not in it to become a "professional blogger", should I care about SEO? Why or why not?

It's up to You. SEO can help get more visitors to your site. If you rank highly for target keywords, you will attract more people who are interested in these keywords. Generally (including me) most blogger's like to have more people reading their blog, whether it is financial or not.

  • What is a reasonable amount of traffic for a beginning blogger? I have been at this for three weeks, and average about 200 visitors a day. Does traffic matter for not-for-profit sites?

I would say 200 a day is very good for a 3 week blog! However, I always look at unique visitors and not other measures. Unique visitors gives most reliable account of how many people actually read the blog. Also, it depends on type of traffic; Stumbleupon can send 100s but these visitors stay very short time on average. Generally I advise not to worry too much about traffic, especially in the beginning of a blog. My site gets over 2,000 a day but it took a couple of years to get that amount of traffic

I did put in some passive (adsense) ads and links to an (amazon) affiliate account on my site. I did this in the spirit of "why not?", rather than as a goal of the site. How much traffic does one need to offset the nuisance factor of their presence? I'd be delighted if I could compensate for the domain name registration fee with such income. Is this realistic?

  • You will find that adverts where you place them are non intrusive. However, because they are non intrusive, you will get very few clicks. With low traffic I doubt your ads will get much revenue. I find Amazon and google products quite a low revenue earner (unless you have very high traffic volumes). I would suggest having one standard google ad (like top right on my blog), rather than promote google firefox product. I will blog more on google ads later.
  • I get a little from but it is mainly me buying!

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#1 clkl on 05.28.07 at 1:40 pm

Thank you SO much!

I appreciate your expertise and the time and spent on this. It is very helpful.

I can especially relate to that last point: My Amazon Associates balance is directly proportional to my own credit card bill. This gives new meaning to the aphorism, “You’ve got t0 spend money to make money…”

All the best,