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Is it a Good idea to have a Digg button on Every Page? | Net Writing

Is it a Good idea to have a Digg button on Every Page?

Recently I noticed my friend, John-Paul, has put a Digg and Reddit button on every blog post. It made me think about whether this would be a good idea to implement:

Advantages of Having a Digg Button

1. Traffic and Links

Get on the digg homepage and you can look forward to a ton of traffic, and more importantly a range of new inbound links. This is just what Google likes. A few entries on the digg home page can really make a site.

2. Digging your own rarely works

To get on Digg home page it is best if your posts are digged by other people, especially those who spend time at Digg and build up a genuine account. Digg are quite good at spotting and downgrading accounts which promote a lot of content from one small blog (i.e. self promotion)

3. Save Time

My philosophy is that I am a webmaster. If I spend my time at Digg building up network of friends e.t.c then I won’t have time to post and write. Having a button, hopefully, means you don’t have to worry about getting promoted through Digg, you can leave it to others. *Spending time at Social bookmarking sites can be a great way to lose productivity. see increase productivity)

Disadvantages of Having a Digg Button

1. Unattractive

Does it increase the attractiveness of the site to have digg buttons on your blog?

2. Big Zero’s

It doesn’t look so good if you have many pages of 0 or 1 digg

3. Digg Not so Keen

Apparently, some in the digg community look down on people who try to promote their blog entries, (especially if there are many zero’s)

Whether it is a good idea to use digg button depends various factors on:

  1. Are your posts actually suitable for Digg? E.g. a tech blog may have a better chance than a non tech blog. Reddit tends to favour political blogs.
  2. Do you get many readers? Unfortunately, if you have a small readership, there is little chance of getting very many diggs.
  3. Are your readers likely to have Digg accounts?
  4. Does the ethos of Digg and social networking fit with the ethos of your blog?

Maybe the best solution is to only add the digg button on selected posts. These posts should be targeted for a digg audience. It should be already submitted, this means you just have to click once, rather than go through the whole process of submitting to Digg (which is too complicated in my opinion)

It is worth checking through your stats, are any of your blog entries getting a lot of traffic from google? These might be worth having a button for.


#1 Juggling Frogs (clkl) on 06.04.07 at 9:27 pm

Disadvantages of Having a Digg Button #4:
It can be discouraging to the blog owner.

I removed all the digg buttons from my posts, after realizing that diggers weren’t my target audience. It just seemed simpler.

Since removing these buttons, I feel better. I don’t have to face all those zeros…

All the best,

#2 Richard on 06.04.07 at 10:12 pm

Thanks for feeback CLKL!

I think that is probably most important reason. Will you feel happier with or without?

- No harm in experimenting of course.

#3 John-Paul on 06.05.07 at 4:42 am

I just think they look pretty!

Seriously though, I got a digg with 30 minutes of adding them to my site, so I’ll wait a little longer before I decide if they are going to stay. Incidentally, I used the gregarious plugin to install the buttons (and a whole other bunch of social bookmarking tools), although had to add a little custom css to get them to look good.