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How To Write in Sentences

How about this for a bad sentence:
It is a comment from the Association of Chief Police officers in response to the Government’s Green Paper

“The promise of reform which the Green paper heralds holds much for the public and Service alike; local policing, customized to local need with authentic answerability, strengthened accountabilities at force level through reforms to police authorities and HMIC, performance management at the service of localities with targets and plans tailored to local needs, the end of centrally engineered one size fits all initiatives, an intelligent approach to cutting red tape through redesign of processes and cultures, a renewed emphasis on strategic development so as to better equip our service to meet the amorphous challenges of managing cross force harms, risks and opportunities.”

It has been nominated for a gobbledegook award.

When it comes to writing sentences, I suggest you don’t follow the bad example of so called literary giants and philosophers. I remember reading ‘On Liberty’ By John Stuart Mill and despairing at the sheer length and complexity of his sentences.

Some simple tips for writing sentences

  • Noun and Verb. ‘Jesus Ran’ Is the shortest sentence in the Bible and is perfectly adequate.
  • It is better to start off with simple sentences and write longer, more involved sentences as you develop as a writer. This is a better strategy than starting with long sentences.
  • Don’t try to include too much into one sentence. Two separate ideas should be separated.
  • For variety, occassional consider using a semi colon; this allows you to expand on the initial idea, but, it should be related. Often semi colons could be turned into two sentences, but, their use can just give an additional fluidity to writing.
  • Be wary of complicated sub clauses. which lead the reader off on a tangent.
  • If you can express an idea with less words, then that is good.