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Internet Writing | Net Writing

Internet Writing

The internet has created innumerable opportunities to write and share with the world your thoughts and ideas. Anyone is able to get a free blog and start writing. These are some simple tips to improve your writing for an internet audience.

Good Writing Style

Good writing will work well on internet and the printed page. For any writing medium it is worth following these basic rules of good writing.

  • Use the basic rules of grammar and punctuation to improve ease of reading – and avoid irritating grammar pedants
  • Write with a clear focus.
  • Good writing should be simple and clear.  Where possible use an economy of words.
    • Avoid unnecessary words.
    • Avoid cumbersome and oblique words which may be confusing or sound pretentious.
    • Avoid repetition of words which can become boring and confusing.
  • Generally it is advisable to write in the active tense rather than the passive.
  • Don’t assume average internet reader knows technical terms. Take time to explain concepts which may not be known.

Other Internet Writing Techniques

  • Make a document easy to scan. Give clear subheadings where appropriate. Writing in bullet point form may not be good English style, but, for many aspects of internet writing, works quite well.
  • The Internet can magnify anything you write. It is easy to forget that anything you write on the internet could end up being permanent and read by millions of people. Be very careful before writing anything critical or personally embarrassing. As a good rule of thumb – before posting anything make sure you would be happy for anyone in your life to read it.
  • Something New. There is so much writing on the internet there is always a danger of simply regurgitating something already published. Make sure your writing has some added value and not just going around in circles.